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Most Inexpensive CO2 Supplier For Vegetable Greenhouses
We are QDS Inc. R&D www.qdsciences.com company locating in Orlando FL.  We made AIR POLLUTION CONTROL MEGA TECHNOLOGY, which is utility PCT patented.
We are capturing all the toxins from stack more than 98% and we taking back CO2 more than 80% to use in the greenhouse industry and/or CO2 end users.
QDS technology is obtaining CO2 gas less than $4 ton operation cost. You may burn any kind of fuel (coal, railway ties, wood, gas, oil, used oil, etc.) in combustion cell.
We are able to keep CO2 quantity in greenhouses minimum 1200 ppm (particle per million)  / 9 cf3 volume / hour.
As you know Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is one of the easiest ways to accelerate plant growth. Basic photosynthesis is CO2 increases the growth of plants. Plants grown with supplemental CO2 can produce up to 40% more vegetable, flowers or fruit. When there is sunlight and vents are closed you should be adding CO2 continuously to your greenhouse.
You may find details in our website and we would like to send EPA certified liquid analyzing and stack test reports, etc.
We would very much appreciate your consideration of this super beneficial technology for your greenhouses.
Thank you.
QDS Inc.